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What to Expect

Everyone's different.  Everyone succeeds in different ways.   Therefore, a large part of my job is to do detective work so we can customize what you do to get more rewarding results. Here are some things you might like to know before you schedule an appointment:

The Evaluation

The first step is to get to know each other enough so together we can select the strategies that have the best chances of helping you, whether it involves medications, skill building and/or therapy.

More About the Evaluation

After the Evaluation

All follow-up sessions are 45 minutes.  If you’re wanting to participate in skill building and/or therapy, best-practice studies recommend seeing me every two weeks, even if you are also taking medications.  

More About What Happens After the Evaluation

Medication Agreement

Here is the agreement I ask my clients to keep:

Medication Agreement

How Long Does it Take to Create a Better Life with Fewer Struggles?

Some changes can happen fairly quickly--within a couple of months. There are enough factors involved in effective change beyond our control that we cannot use these time estimates as guarantees. These quicker changes usually involve balancing medications, sleep, exercise and, perhaps, diet.  

Once we get the biological foundations more balanced, making some other changes becomes easier.  We can then focus on some of the problematic mental, emotional and action patterns that have taken a lifetime to create.  Again, some of these changes can happen fairly quickly--within three to six months. Some of them can take longer.

I've found that combining research-based best practices with a few cutting-edge strategies gets the best results for most of my clients.  In each step of our work together, we evaluate whether we're going in the right direction for you.  If not, we make changes.  We continue to do the detective work necessary to create the "better life with fewer struggles" that you envision.

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