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Break the Chains of ADHD


What to Expect

I Help Adults With ADHD 
Feel Better
Finish Tasks 
Earn More Respect
Find That Spark Again 
Enjoy a Job Well Done
Recharge Relationships 
Find Stuff 
Show Up On Time
Through Safe, Secure, Convenient, Traffic-Free &   Time-Saving
Telehealth Video Sessions

Schedule First Appointment

Call 425-451-4422 during business hours so phone receptionist can schedule the first appointment for you. A confirmation email will be sent.


First Appointment

Through my Email Invitation, Register for, 

Complete Forms  in and

Send Pic of your Blood Pressure to the Portal.

Start Appointment

Click on link in Zoom email invitation.

We start to get to know each other.

I ask questions based on your answers in the forms.

We agree on a plan and schedule next appointment.


With each follow-up we assess your results and revise plan to get closer to your desired results. At first follow-ups are monthly or less. We can work our way up to every three month appointments once meds and skill building are tuned to your best self. 





Customized Telehealth treatment shown to be effective and safe for Adults with ADHD

May include:

  • Biology-Based Actions

    • Medications (if appropriate) 

    • Exercise/Movement 

    • Diet/Hydration 

    • Sleep

  • Skill-Building Strategies



Alan Simons, ARNP

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