Alan Simons, ARNP

Adult ADHD Medications, 
Skill Building & Therapy by
Interactive Online Sessions

Break the Chains of ADHD


What to Expect

I Help Adults With ADHD 
Feel Better
Finish Tasks 
Earn More Respect
Find That Spark Again 
Enjoy a Job Well Done
Recharge Relationships 
Find Stuff 
Show Up On Time
Through Safe, Secure, Convenient, Traffic-Free &   Time-Saving
Telehealth Video Sessions




Customized Telehealth treatment shown to be effective and safe for Adults with ADHD

May include:

  • Biology-Based Actions

    • Medications (if appropriate) 

    • Exercise/Movement 

    • Diet/Hydration 

    • Sleep

  • Skill-Building Strategies

  • Habit Changes

  • Meaning Discovery



Alan Simons, ARNP

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