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New Clients

New Clients Schedule by Calling 425-681-9407 9A-4P Monday-Friday

Through Telephone Receptionist

All Appointments are Online Video
Through HIPAA-Compliant (Secure) Zoom

Safe, Secure, Traffic Free & Time Saving

For the First Appointment Call 425-451-4422 Monday through Friday 9A-4P to schedule through the telephone receptionist a new client visit with me. 

After the first visit, follow-up appointments can be scheduled online through this website or the onpatient portal 24/7.

Your card will be charged at each scheduled appointment.  Although no insurance is billed, I supply you with a Superbill which you can, in turn, submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.

Follow-Up Appointments

Research shows that rigorous follow-up is necessary to make and keep the progress desired with ADHD medications. After stability with medications is reached, we schedule the next two appointments one month apart and the following two appointments two months apart. If still stable, then we can go three months between appointments.

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