The Combination that Works Best

First Explore the Basics:
  • Medication (if appropriate)

  • Exercise

  • Diet/Hydration

  • Sleep

We work on what you need the most from among the following:
  • Mindfulness for Shorter Attention Spans

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Distress Hardiness

  • Social Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization 

  • Scaffolding--People, Environment & Technology

     ​​​Combined with 

  • Changing habits that work against you so they work for you.
  • Adjusting expectations to make your view more accurate, reduce anxiety and depression and get better results.
  • Creating a way out when you feel trapped.
  • Finding meaning more than getting your stimulation needs met.
  • Learning how practicing gratitude can counteract your brain's negative bias.
  • Being happy now.