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What to Expect

Most people are concerned about whether meeting with someone like me will be worth it or if they'll like me. Let me put your mind at ease. You decide both. What may be more important to you is that I've helped hundreds of adults with ADHD create better lives with fewer struggles.
At our first meeting, we ask each other questions, in part, to see if we want to work together. Before we meet, I ask you to fill out a form and a set of questionnaires. From the info shared, together we make a plan. This guides us through our next couple of steps, usually from the basics listed below:
  • Medication (if appropriate)

  • Exercise

  • Diet/Hydration

  • Sleep

Then we can work on what you need the most from among the following:
  • Mindfulness for Shorter Attention Spans

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Distress Hardiness

  • Social Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Scaffolding--People, Environment & Technology


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