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Built-In Bolt Cutters
That Help Break the Chains of ADHD

    After many years of specializing in helping adults with ADHD, I've found that clients who have improved the most do two things that the less satisfied don't.

    1) A Combination ApproachThey want me to find not only the right medication, but also to help them change interfering habits and to create a more meaningful life. They don't use me just to prescribe medications. Medications don't work in a vacuum. It takes a village. At least a large group, including the biological (medications, exercise, diet/hydration, and sleep), skill-building, habit changing and discovering a meaning that is greater than your stimulation needs. Combined, they help create a better life with fewer struggles.

   2) Frequency. My most improved clients see me at least every month--not just every two or three months. Frequency counts. Habits are stubborn. Meaning is built over time. You can't make some of these changes without connecting at least once a month.

    That's the reason I send coaching tips between monthly sessions. They refresh your working memory, which is weakened by ADHD--not just a bonus that the vast majority of others who treat ADHD don't do.


   Research shows merely trying harder doesn't help. Every time we meet, we will customize biological, psychological, and peak performance strategies that best fits your brain, body, and situation to get the best results you can get. It's a time proven formula for an "everyone is different" situation.

All Appointments are Online Video
Through HIPAA-Compliant (Secure) Zoom

Safe, Secure, Traffic Free & Time Saving

For the First Appointment Call 425-451-4422 Monday through Friday 9A-4P to schedule through the telephone receptionist. 

After the first visit, follow-up appointments can be scheduled online through this website (if using a computer) or the Charm portal 24/7.

Your card will be charged at each scheduled appointment.  Although no insurance is billed, I supply you with a Superbill which you can, in turn, submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.

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